Max Flow Yoga

Warrior Sculpt Yoga, Abs & Core Vinyasa - Season 5 Episode #4

September 28, 2022 MaxFlowYoga Season 5 Episode 4
Max Flow Yoga
Warrior Sculpt Yoga, Abs & Core Vinyasa - Season 5 Episode #4
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This Yoga benefits Football, Hockey, CrossFit, Swimmers, Public Service, Runners, Golfers, Basketball, Gymnasts, Soccer, Karate, Tennis, Lacrosse, Performing Artists, Baseball players and all. 

Yoga sessions are based on Baptiste Vinyasa Yoga style offering physical with mental workout every time in 30-90 minutes.

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*** Please be responsible when attempting any fitness movements and stretches. Consult your physician if you have further questions regarding current medical conditions and how they may impact or influence your ability to perform the movements witnessed here. You are responsible and liable for Your own well-being and must use caution when moving beyond or around your physical and mental limitations. Max Figueroa and Ohio Yoga LLC are here to assist and guide your practice to better possibilities. Yoga at your own pace and own practice level. ***15 Minute Yoga flow class.

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